Design and develop your process control system architecture and platform for your industry

We Design, build, configure , test and commissioning of integrated hardware and software for your Control System platform.

Our Experience

Our Engineering team has extensive experience in design and developing of Process control system, Substation Automation, Telecommunication,Embedded System, Data Science and IT business Analysis and will provide the best solution tailored to your needs.

Our Philosophy

Our Strategy is to align our resources and technologies to enhance our customer’s benefits during project life cycle. Our solution is simple but effective even for your complicated process. Our strong project management execution and platform is designed to overcome any challenges in the project environment.

Advanced Services

We are proving Smart Solution for your Factory. End to End solution for your Automation System and infrastructure you need to protect your process. We give our services to Oil & Gas , Petrochemical, Maritime, Power plant , Sustainable Energy,Water supply plant and Transmission and Distribution industries.

Smart Factory

Smart solution for Smart operation for your entire plant. utilising Data Science methods including AI and Machine Learning technics for process data insight analysis.

Building and Testing

Our service is including but not limited to Design, integration, Building, Documentation, configuration, FAT, SAT, and commissioning of your Automation platform.

Process Automation

Supplying intrinsically secured and extremely effective DCS, SCADA,PLC, RTU control system for your Automation project by using  Bedrock Products 


Our Telecommunication and Network solution provides maximum interoperability to your integrated project.

From the idea to a full integration experience

our broad range solution from single contract selling Bedrock Automation products to your business to full engineering design and implementation for your application with full responsibility.

Harnessing the power of big data for data analysis utilising data science tools into your industry for creating your business Intelligent application. for saving Energy, Process performance check and predictive maintenance.


Delivering technical resources to your company

Research & Development

Superconductive Electromotor, Energy Harvesting, MEMS and  Sensors, Silicon Photonics, Data Science applications development

Manage Projects

Portfolio management integrated with our strategy development and execution map

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